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An independently run cycling repair business offering a full range of cycling maintenance services to all levels of cyclists as well as being the Official South African Distributor of Pedro’s Bike Care Products and the ultimate sweat band, Sweat GUTR.

Our motto: “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it”, however, we do strongly believe in regular cleaning and maintenance of your bike which will prevent things breaking.

A few typical issues when cycling regularly are as follows:

  • front shocks are bottoming out (hitting the bottom of the tubes) – oil loss in lower tubes preventing shock working correctly, requires a front shock service, check bushes and washers, clean, replace hydrauics fluid/springs and set up for cyclists weight/size.
  • slight wobble/rattle in handle bars – possibly caused by incorrect headset set up, a simple check and tune up by your local bike mechanic can easily resolve the issue
  • movement in pedal cranks – worn, missing bearings in bottom bracket, mechanic will strip BB with specialist tools, clean everything, lube and place/replace bearings, re install, tension correctly.
  • gears not changing correctly (skipping gears or chain coming off chain ring) – cable stretched – needs adjustment or upper and lower limit screws set incorrectly or chain and/or sprockets worn (need replacement)
  • brake levers take or grab very close to handle bar – either brake pads worn, cable stretched and needs replacing, hydraulic brake fluid missing/evaporated/or contaminated by air. Requires a service to rectify issues and replace worn parts

The list is endless, a little of bit of maintenance goes a long way, as they say,

Prevention is better than cure.

Bring your bike in, let us check it, and if the bike needs work and is unsafe we will recommend/advise on what needs doing and give you a competitive quote, then, it’s up to you!


If you are a consumer and need some of our amazing products and can’t find them at your local bike shop then checkout the link below for Takealot. You can spend your cash, discovery miles or eBucks.


We have just signed a deal with ProNet in the U.S.A and are now the offical South African Distributor of their fantastic sweat mangaement system – Sweat GUTR. Stock now available. Contact us for more information.

Use Pedro’s Bike Care Products. As we all know, basic cycle maintenance is not difficult. Take good care of your bike, clean it after each ride, keep the visible stuff well lubricated and clean. The problem is, a lot of the basic bike mechanicals are hidden, headsets (all of the handle bar stuff), the bottom brackets (bearings etc that let your pedals move smoothly), front and/or rear shocks (everything is happening inside the shock).

These are the things that we all neglect on our bikes, manufacturers recommend a strip and clean for shocks every 8 hours of riding, easy to say, difficult to do. If you use your bike regularly, things get worn, loosen up a bit, these are the things that end up damaging your bike, resulting in replacing parts at a high cost. Arranging to have your bike serviced regularly will prevent the expensive task of component replacement.