Green Fizz

Green Fizz


Green Fizz 16oz/475ml – Product Number:  6130161NA

Green Fizz 33.8oz/1 litre – Product Number:  6130321NA

Green Fizz – 1gal/3.7l  – Product Number:  6131281NA
Due 2015. Dealers/Resellers please use contact page to request a Catalog and Wholesale Price List

Concentrated Foaming Bike Wash

  • Surfactants and foaming action lift dirt and grime from the whole bike
  • Biodegradable, solvent-free formula is safe on all parts and materials
  • Concentrated formula works straight from the bottle or diluted in water
  • Spray on and wipe with rag or spray on and rinse away with water!

Green Fizz is an incredible foaming bike wash that has allowed Pedro’s to quickly, easily, and effectively wash thousands of bikes around the world at major events like the Sea Otter Classic and US Cyclocross National Championships. Green Fizz is different than many other bike wash products because it uses proprietary surfactants, instead of solvents, to lift dirt and grime from the whole bike. The surfactants work quickly on dirt and other contaminants by lowering the surface tension of the dirt molecules and allowing it to be effortlessly wiped or rinsed from the bike. Green Fizz’s biodegradable solvent-free formula can be safely used on all parts and materials, including carbon fiber, without washing away grease and lubricants or damaging delicate parts. The highly concentrated formula can be used straight from the bottle with a rag, sprayed from the bottle and then rinsed with water, or diluted in a bucket of water and used with brushes or other cleaning tools. Whichever way you choose, Green Fizz will leave you with a beautifully clean bicycle.

For the ultimate clean bike, follow up Green Fizz with our Bike Lust polish! The polish will create a slippery protective coating keeping dirt from sticking to your bike and making future cleaning even easier!