Oranj Peelz

Oranj Peelz


Oranj Peelz – 16oz/475ml – Product Number:  6050161NA

Oranj Peelz – 1gal/3.7l – Product Number:  6051281NA
Due 2015. Dealers/Resellers please use contact page to request a Catalog and Wholesale Price List

Powerful Citrus Degreaser

  • Quickly dissolves away grease and grime
  • Low surface tension allows superior penetration for complete degreasing
  • Water soluble formula easily rinses away

Pedro’s powerful citrus based degreaser quickly dissolves away tough drivetrain grease and grime. Low surface tension allows superior penetration allowing the degreaser to remove contamination from all surfaces of the drivetrain. Oranj Peelz is great for classic “wet degreasing” paired with our Toothbrush drivetrain brush.

Oranj Peelz is also fantastic when used with the Pedro’s ChainMachine offering a mess free way to degrease your chain. Oranj Peelz powerful citrus formula works together with the brushes of the Chain Machine allowing you to use less degreaser and save money.