Syn Lube

Syn Lube


Syn Lube – 4oz/120ml – Product Number:  6010041NA

Syn Lube – 1gal/3.7l – Product Number:  6011281NA
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High Viscosity, Synthetic, Wet Chain Lubricant

  • Superior wear protection, lubrication, and durability in extreme wet and muddy conditions
  • Unique polymer detergents break down dirt protecting the surfaces of your chain
  • Longest lasting performance in all conditions

This is the product that started it all back in 1989! This break-through lubricant revolutionized the entire chain lube market. Pedro’s full synthetic lubricant is designed to handle the harshest conditions and outlast other lubes in all conditions. Syn Lube is formulated with extreme pressure additives, corrosion inhibitors, and tackifiers to provide incredible wear protection, lubrication, and staying power in extreme wet and muddy conditions. Unique polymer detergents also work to break down dirt protecting the surfaces of your chain. Syn Lube is the preferred lubricant for any rider looking for incredible lasting performance and is loved by both mountain bikers and cyclocross riders in the worst riding conditions. Bottom line, the original harsh conditions chain lubricant is still the best.