Hi-Fibre Tubeless sealant


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OKO Magic Milk™ Tubeless sealant is carefully formulated to provide the best protection for tubeless conversions. This free-flowing sealant boasts excellent sealing properties, and it seals holes and slits up to 6mm. Magic Milk also solves bead/rim leaks and porous tyres. This premium product has a synthetic latex formula that is ammonia-free, and wheel, tyre and skin-friendly. Unlike other sealants, Magic Milk is CO² compatible, and it won’t ball up in your tyre, this means that it lasts longer, and it can be topped up as you need it. Designed to last, made to seal, Magic Milk guarantees the ultimate protection of your tyres!


  • Lightweight
  • Latex-based
  • No ammonia
  • no allergens
  • Safe for tyres and rims
  • Ideal for tubeless conversions
  • Seals tubeless holes up to 6 mm
  • Solves bead/rim leaks and porous tyres
  • Lasts longer than other sealants
  • Does not ball up
  • Easily topped up


OKO Magic Milk

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